Back-to-School Bulletin Board Ideas From Creative Teachers

Ready to deck the (school) halls and welcome everyone to your classroom? These back-to-school bulletin board ideas are exactly what you need, including displays created by teachers on the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE Facebook group. There’s something here to match every teacher personality, and lots of them are easy enough for anyone to do. Make this your best back-to-school ever!

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1. Peek-a-Boo!

Peek-A-Boo bulletin board with names of students on cards that can be flipped up to reveal student photos underneath (Back-to-School Bulletin Boards)

Post a pic of each student under a flap with their name on it to help students learn their classmates’ names and faces. This is geared toward younger kids but could be tweaked for older students too.

Source: @playtolearnps

2. Sprinkled With Possibilities

Donut themed bulletin board reading 4th grade is sprinkled with possibilities

This sweet donut-themed bulletin board would work well with cupcakes too. Find the donut cutouts here.

Source: @teachingoncloud9

3. Racing Into a Good Year

Racing Into Kindergarten bulletin board with a road and paper cars

This racing theme works for any elementary grade. Grab those fun car cutouts here.

Source: @kinder_with_rainbows

4. We R-2 Excited

Bulletin board with R2D2 robot. Text reads "We R-2 excited about jr. high"

Star Wars has timeless appeal! Kids will really love this one.

Source: @miss.medellin

5. Bright Bunch

We Are a Bright Bunch bulletin board with paper 3-D crayons

Those 3-D crayons are actually really easy to make using the free template you can get here.


6. Be Hamilton Inspired

Hamilton themed bulletin board featuring Lin Manuel Miranda tweets

Hamilton fan? This back-to-school bulletin board is for you! Print out some of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s inspirational tweets for an easy display.

Source: lock9livin

7. Dive Into Learning

Back-to-school bulletin board with 3-D octopus and fish. Text reads Dive Into Learning.

If you’d rather be under the sea, try this board and invite students to dive into learning.

Source: @clutterfreeclassroom

8. Parent Board

Parent Board bulletin board with school info for parents

Teacher Tip: “I grabbed some of the dry-erase pockets off of Amazon, making it easy to swap in and out materials throughout the year. Another added bonus is that we are able to store multiple flyers in one pocket, making it easily accessible for our families who speak a home language other than English to read and explore our bilingual materials. The pockets also help viewers to easily see the information, and avoids staples, crumpled papers, and is easily readable.”

Source: @twopeasinaprimarypod – Parent Board

9. Pieces of Us

Bulletin board with puzzle pieces describing students

Build a puzzle that shows how your classroom fits together. Find out more about this activity at the link.

Source: Kirsten’s Kaboodle

10. Spark joy

Such a simple concept—spell out a word in large letters and have students fill it with their thoughts on that word.

Source: Macy Dawn on Pinterest

11. This Is Your Year To …

Bulletin board reading "This is your year to ..." with cards like "be creative," "be you," "shine," "take risks," etc.

Simple, colorful, and easy to do, this back-to-school bulletin board makes a big impression right off the bat.


12. Magical Work Coming Soon

Bulletin board with large signs saying "Magical Work Coming Soon," held to the board by clothespins (Back-to-school bulletin board ideas)

Placeholders for now, but soon they’ll be filled! Glue tacks to the backs of clothespins to make the paper holders.

Source: @teachkidsdrinkcoffee

13. Clipboard Coming Soon

Bulletin board with clipboards attached, each holding a note saying "Awesome work coming soon"

Here’s another version of the “coming soon” board from Samantha M. This one uses inexpensive clipboards to hold the work—so clever!

14. This Is Where the Fun Happens

Bulletin board with large paper flowers and word signs reading This Is Where The Fun Happens

You can buy kits to make those large paper flowers, or just simplify things and cut 2D floral shapes out of colorful paper.

Source: @kc_teacher

15. Class Family Is Everything

Back-to-school bulletin board reading "More than a classroom, more than a teacher, more than a student. Class family is everything." Student names are featured on cards in different fonts.

Love this simple black-and-white theme, and choosing a different font for each student’s name is so effective!

Source: @headoverheelsforteaching

16. Superheroes in Training

Superheroes in Training bulletin board with cartoon images of superheroes labeled with kids names

If you can see it, you can be it. Invite kids to visualize themselves as superheroes with these cute caped cutouts.

Source: @kaiti_robinson

17. Welcome to the Flock!

Welcome to the flock bulletin board with flamingoes and large palm leaves (Back-to-School bulletin boards)

This board is easy to do when you buy all the pre-cut pieces from Creative Teaching Press on Amazon.

Source: @simply_sprout

18. Meet the Person …

Bulletin board saying Meet the person responsible for your words, actions, choices, grades, success. Small mirrors appear over each of the list items so kids can see their own reflections.

This is an easy way to spread the message of responsibility. Find inexpensive mirrors at the dollar store or thrift store, and paint the frames in bright colors.

Source: @undercoverclassroom

19. Showcase the Rules

Bulletin board reading Mrs. Hale's Rules, with classroom rules listed on individual pages and brightly colored tassels across the top (Back-to-School Bulletin Boards)

Make your rules board fun with a faux wood background and lots of bright colors.


20. #firstday

#firstday bulletin board with the Instagram logo and empty spaces for first day pictures or drawings (Back-to-School Bulletin Boards)

Ready for some artwork or selfies for the first day of school!

Source: @teachingandwhatknott

21. Kindergarten Is Cool

Kindergarten is cool bulletin board with pictures of kids wearing sunglasses

And so is this bulletin board! We love the shades.

Source: @thebeachclassroom

22. 180 Opportunities

180 opportunities

Set the stage for all the incredible experiences to come in the days ahead. Grab this customizable kit on TpT.

Source: @headoverheelsforteaching

23. Share the Social Love

Bulletin board made to look like an Instagram page for a second grade class, with pictures, stats, and more

Even if kids aren’t on social media themselves, they can see the page update in real life!

Source: @heartandwitsbymissritz

24. Like Boom!

Like Boom bulletin board reading We are respectful. We are positive. We believe in ourselves. We seek challenges. We never give up. We are a team. And we are proud. We are 5th grade. (Back-to-school bulletin boards)

Give them something to believe in right from the start.

Source: @bubblyblondeteacher

25. Wanted Posters

You Are Wanted in Room 101 bulletin board, with pictures of students on wanted posters (Back-to-School Bulletin Boards)

Saddle up for a year of rootin’-tootin’ fun with this clever idea.

Source: Welcome to the Uni-Corner

26. Cactus Goals

Bulletin board with large paper cactus and small cactus in pots, with text reading We've got #goals and We're going to grow this year.

All the kids get involved in this one, writing on and coloring their individual cactus pots. Good idea, Amy M.!

27. Fill a Bucket

This is such a sweet way to promote kindness in the classroom. You can make your own buckets out of foam, or buy inexpensive metal buckets instead. (Find more bucket filler activities here.)

Source: @mymeanj

28. When You Enter This Classroom …

Bulletin board reading When You Enter This Classroom with cards saying "you are celebrated" and "you are important"

Let kids know that they’ve found a place where they are celebrated, they are accepted, and they are important.

Source: @kirstenskaboodle

29. You Are …

Bulletin board with large word YOU in the middle, with a round mirror forming the O. Signs around it read "are talented," are unique," etc. (Back-to-School bulletin boards)

Find a round mirror at the thrift store, then use it to emphasize that each and every kid is special and belongs in your classroom.

Source: @mrskiswardysclass

30. Guess Who?

Guess Who? bulletin board with student portraits and fact sheets

Have kids draw a self-portrait and share some facts about themselves on the first day of school. Then post them for an easy back-to-school bulletin board!

Source: @2ndgradeinthecity

31. Reading Adventures

Bulletin board showing a map with text "Reading takes you on the Greatest Adventures" (Back-To-School Bulletin Board Ideas)

This is a reading theme, but you could actually use maps throughout the classroom for an easy theme. Need old maps? Hit your local used-book store, thrift store, or just ask friends online.

Source: @reallygoodstuff

32. Rainbow of Possibilities

Bulletin board with paint palette made of paper plates with a different color in teach. Text reads 2019 is a rainbow of possibilities.

If you are an art teacher looking for back-to-school bulletin board ideas, this is such a creative but surprisingly easy bulletin board. Plus, you can switch out the message throughout the year.

Source: @katieplus4

33. Away We Go

Bulletin board featuring balloons colored by kids, with a cutout photo of a kid hanging from each string (Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas)

Try this adorable design from Kings River-Hardwick Preschool. Kids can make the balloons as a back-to-school first-day project.

34. Reading Is a Superpower

Reading is our Super Power bulletin board, with 3-D Incredible Hulk and Superman

Deirdre T. shared this attention-grabbing 3D back-to-school bulletin board idea. Use a red tablecloth for the cape, and grab the superhero word cards here.

35. Wonder Wall

Wonder Woman themed bulletin board reading "A new journey to be started. A new promise to be fulfilled. A new page to be written."

Speaking of superheroes, how about this wonderful board?

Source: Jessica W. on Pinterest

36. Paint Sample Popsicles

Colorful bulletin board with a border of paint samples and paper popsicles made of paint samples. Text reads Pop-Pin into Kinder

Yes, this back-to-school bulletin board is made of paint samples. So clever!

Source: @cactiandsunshinecreation

37. Chicka Chicka Awesome Room

Bulletin board with large palm tree and alphabet letters with kids names written on them. Text reads Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Look Who's In Ms. Boykin's Room

Hollie B. took everyone’s favorite alphabet book and turned it into a bulletin board!

38. The Power of Yet

Bulletin board with text that reads ... Yet. The Most Powerful Addition. I don't get it + yet = optimisim. I can't do this + yet = perseverance. I can't do math + yet = growth mindset. These traits add up to having grit!

This bulletin board shows students it’s OK to be a work in progress. Thanks, Teresa J.

39. Seek and Find

Bulletin board covered in cut-out illustrations of students, with a sign saying "Forget Waldo: Where's Miss Back?"

Have students (and teachers) draw themselves. Then each week post a new person to find!

Source: Art at Three Creeks

40. Summer Travels

Summer Travels bulletin board with maps showing student travels

Amanda Y. tells us, “Teachers and students can fill out a paper telling what travels they did this summer. Then I add it to the board and put a piece of yarn from their paper to where they visited.”

41. Adventure Begins Here

The Adventure Begins Here bulletin board, with signposts showing student names, and a paper camper and tree (Back-to-School Bulletin Board Ideas)

Nicholas S. is ready for an adventure with his design. It’s perfect for a camping-themed classroom!

42. Blooming Board

Welcome Back to School bulletin board with 3-D paper flowers. Text reads Let Today Be the Start of Something New.

Colorful 3-D flowers and a welcoming message in a lovely font make this board a pleasure to look at. Learn how to make the flowers at the link.

Source: Art, Craft, & Bulletin Board Ideas by Manisha

43. Sudoku Interactive Board

Interactive bulletin board with playable Sudoku game (Back-to-School Bulletin Boards)

If you’re a teacher who likes to dive right in with curriculum, this is the board for you.

Source: @activityaftermath

44. Soar to New Heights

Watch Us Soar!! bulletin board with wings made of individual crafted feathers

What a gorgeous bulletin board! Students will love taking selfies in front of these beautiful wings. It’ll get them started off to have a great year.

Source: @twopeasinaprimarypod – Watch Us Soar!

45. Scrabble Names

Bulletin board with student names laid out like Scrabble tiles

Anastasia E. knows she broke some Scrabble rules, but she’s fine with it!

46. Fire It Up

S'mores Bulletin Board that reads Fired Up for 5th Grade. The SMORE the merrier. Board also has a campfire and sign board.

Looking for a back-to-school bulletin board for your camping-themed classroom? Get fired up with this example from Jessica C.!

47. Hunger Games Board

Hunger Games themed bulletin board welcoming kids back to school. Text reads "Welcome Back 3 North, the Wing on Fire. May the odds be ever in your favor this semester!"

This board was originally created for a dorm, but wouldn’t it be great in an English classroom?

Source: Celia F. on Pinterest

48. Marvelous and Magnifico

M&M Bulletin Board with student initials on colorful circles of paper

“This was my board from last year, showing all my students. M&M stands for marvelous and magnifico here.” —Ana M.

49. A Llama Welcome

Bulletin board featuring a llama's head and potted plants. Text reads Llama Just Say Welcome!

Llamas are just as trendy as ever, and cute to boot!

Source: @evasresourcecorner

50. Ready for a Selfie

Selfie Frame bulletin board with school initials and the year

“This selfie frame is ready to document the important events of this year.” —Stella F.

51. Practically Perfect

Kindergarten is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious bulletin board, with silhouette of Mary Poppins and kids names on umbrellas

That Mary Poppins silhouette makes this board as sweet as a spoonful of sugar.

Source: Creativity to the Core

52. Throw Kindness Like Confetti

Throw Kindness Like Confetti Bulletin Board

“Students helped us create the confetti, and we’ve had so many comments about the good message.” —Jeannie W.

53. Be a Bookworm

Bulletin board with a large apple with a worm coming out of it. Text reads Are you a bookworm?

“Students fill out a paper telling about their favorite book they read this summer and give it a star rating. I’ll be adding to the board as suggestions come in.” —Amanda Y.

54. Chew It Over

Bulletin Board featuring a large gumball machine with student names written on the gumballs. Text reads We are going to have a ball in first grade! (Back-to-School Bulletin Board Ideas)

You may not allow gum in the classroom, but you’ll want to make an exception for this charming board!

Source: Doodle Bugs Teaching

55. What Makes You Special?

Bulletin board with a large sun and cards explaining special facts about each student

“For this bulletin board, students created a personality assessment and then a name tag with a list of their I AM statements. It gives students ownership of the room right away.” —Candace R.

56. Ladybug Love

Ladybug bulletin board with student names on spots. Text reads "Look Who's Been Spotted in Kindergarten"

Seeing spots can be a good thing, as this adorable ladybug board proves!

Source: Melissa W. on Pinterest

57. In the Genes

Bulletin board showing strands of DNA. Text reads In the A.C.E. family, success is in our genes!

“We are doing a cross-curricular project about DNA. Here’s the board the teachers I work with did to welcome our students. Each of our students wrote their first name within the DNA strands.” —Kyle S.

58. Shoot for the Moon

Bulletin board with a large paper space ship. Text reads Shoot for the moon. even if you miss you'll land among the stars. (Back-to-School Bulletin Boards)

Erin S. sends a simple message with this brilliant back-to-school bulletin board design.

59. A Board With a Twist

Twister board turned into a bulletin board, with kids names on handprints and footprints. Text reads Start off on the RIGHT foot, 4th grade!

This playful board was part of a board-game classroom theme, but it could stand on its own just fine. Find paper handprints and footprints here.

Source: Mrs. Shininger’s Blog

60. Classroom Hotspot

Classroom Hotspot bulletin board with schedule and other information

Abbie L. turned her unused chalkboard into a big bulletin board that also serves as a central location for all the classroom news.

61. Welcome to Starbooks

Starbooks Cafe Bulletin board featuring books students enjoy

“This isn’t done yet, but my students will decorate their own book spine from their favorite book to put on the shelves of this board.” —Kelly N.

62. The Places You’ll Go

The Places You'll Go hallway decoration. Large camper made out of paper surrounding a classroom door, with a Dr. Seuss theme.

Stephanie N. made her entire wall leading into her classroom a bulletin board. (Can you find Thing 1 and Thing 2?)

63. Butterfly Dreams

Bulletin board showing colorful butterflies emerging from an open book. Text reads "A book is a dream that you hold in your hand." -Neil Gaiman

Julie A. used a quote from Neil Gaiman for inspiration on this reading bulletin board.

64. Rainbow of Possibilities

Bulletin board featuring a large 3-D paintbrush with rainbow colors. Text reads You are a rainbow of possibilies.

This bulletin board from Jolene O. sends a great message. Make the 3D paintbrush with rolls of tissue paper.

65. Lift Us Up

Bulletin board showing a house being carried away by balloons. Text reads AVID skills will lift us up to our goals.

A good AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) message from Jen D., with a callback to a beloved movie.

66. Celebrate the Scientific Method

Scientific Method bulletin board with 3-D scientist and the steps of the method.

Looking for science back-to-school bulletin board ideas? A++ for creativity, Suzie G.! Get students ready to be scientists in the year ahead.

67. Gearing Up for Success

Bulletin board decorated with paper gears, reading "We're in gear for a great year"

When you’re in gear for a good year, try this idea from Bridget P. So simple and so effective! Use these gear cutouts if you don’t have time to make your own.

68. Time To Get Messy

Bulletin board with a child's stained shirt, with notes explaining all the ways kids get messy while they learn. (Back-to-School Bulletin Board)

Louise J. shared this adorable idea, and we love it for little ones! Use a school uniform shirt or just a plain kid’s T-shirt.

69. The Sharpest Bunch

Bulletin board showing cactus made from tissue paper and paper cutouts. Text reads "couldn't pick a sharper bunch."

Angela G. made cacti from tissue paper flowers for this back-to-school board. Add these cacti cutouts to complete the scene.

70. Libraries Love You Too

Bulletin board with pictures of books and book characters. Text reads "Welcome back! The books missed you!"

Even the library books (and librarians) can get in on the act!

Source: @twolibrarians

71. Picture Yourself

Bulletin board with paper cameras and space for student pictures (Back-to-School Bulletin Board Ideas)

Have students draw their own selfies or snap them with your camera. Either way, this bright board by will be a hit!

Source: Differentiated Kindergarten

72. Another Kind of Selfie

Bulletin board for the acronym SELFIE: Showed all my work, Explained my answers, Lots of math vocabulary used, Found multiple solutions, I persevered through the problem, Eliminated Careless Errors

A whole new meaning of selfie. Thanks for the idea, Jennifer L.!

73. Time for Blast Off

Bulletin board with a 3-D rocket ship made of paper. Text reads Blast Off into a new school year.

Ready for blast off, thanks to Antwan W.! The 3D rocket takes a little effort, but the results are definitely cool.

74. Pirate Pals

Arrgh Bulletin Board with big kid pirate faces

Jeanne W. is getting ready for “Talk Like a Pirate Day” in September.

75. Who Am I?

Can You Figure Us Out bulletin board with drawings and flip facts of kids to guess.

Students will get to know each other in no time flat when you post this board with self-portraits and identifying clues.

Source: The Thinker Builder

76. Team Effort

Football themed bulletin board with helmets, footballs, and pennants. Text reads Our Starting Lineup.

If you have a sporty group, try this idea from Alicia M. Get the paper footballs here, and consider adding this sports field backdrop too.

77. Super Teacher

Superhero Teacher bulletin board with a teacher's face used to make a flying superhero

There are lots of superhero-themed bulletin boards, but we love that the teacher is the star in this idea from Paula B.

78. Wild About the Arts

Bulletin board with big monsters reading Wild about music and art. (Back-to-School Bulletin Board Ideas)

Create your own lovable monsters with this idea from Ellen S. The monsters are easy to make—just cut out blobby shapes and add big eyes!

79. Pac-Man Inspiration

Pac-man themed bulletin board reading Student Council will amaze you!

This is a great way to recruit new members. Loving the retro spin, Rachell B.!

80. Why I Teach

#WhyITeach bulletin board with pictures of teachers and their explanations of why they teach underneath.

This is a fantastic board to post in the main hallway to help parents and students get to know the teachers. What a great idea, Victoria D.!

81. Create the Future

Basic bulletin board reading The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Looking for inspirational back-to-school bulletin board ideas? Sometimes all you need is a powerful message, like this one from Dulce E.

82. Garden of Learning

Garden of Learning

Jessie B.’s garden really pops thanks to that picket fence trim and 3D sun!

83. Ode to the National Parks

National Parks themed bulletin board

Ms. Embry has a national parks theme, so she made a bulletin board to match. Here’s the sweet woodland animals border she used.

84. Reading Takes You Places

Reading Takes You Places bulletin board with a blue bench and pillows spelling out R E A D

Julie W.’s bulletin board is small, but it’s the perfect accent to this reading bench.

85. Escape to Narnia

Hand-drawn map of Narnia on brown butcher paper

“My weekly vocabulary list will be going on here. Many hours went into this.” —Melanie Shank

86. Kinder Stars

Bulletin board with twinkle lights and star cutouts featuring student names. Text reads Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I wished for you and here you are. Welcome Kinderstars!

Watch little faces light up when you welcome them to your classroom with this shining idea.

Source: Miss Wells Kinder Stars

87. Whooo Loves Owls?

Bulletin board featuring a large 3-D tree with owl cutouts showing student names. Text reads Look Whooo's In Our Class Room 244.

Create a giant tree, and the paper owl cutouts will do the rest of the work in this idea from Ashley F.

88. Unleash Your Hero

HERO bulletin board with a superhero theme. Hero stands for Helpful, Encouraging, Respectful, On-Task.

“I’m excited for our superhero theme this year,” shared Amanda F. We like how this board uses the word HERO to remind kids of good classroom behaviors.

89. All the Emotions

The Many Faces of Our School bulletin board, with yellow paper plates used to make emojis.

Get students involved in creating this unique emoji-inspired design from Nancy L. All you need to get started is a pack of yellow paper plates.

90. May the Scores Be With You

May the Scores Be With You Star Wars themed bulletin board with Star Wars characters.

Are you a Star Wars-loving teacher looking for back-to-school bulletin board ideas? “High school students did this bulletin board,” says Julie A. It’s a nice way to show off top scorers on tests.

91. Latte to Learn

3-D Starbucks cup on a bulletin board. text reads There's a latte to learn in 8th grade.

Amanda W. knows her audience with this sweet design for eighth graders.

92. Mirror Mirror

Bulletin board with mirrors made from aluminum foil. Text reads "Mirror mirror on the Wall. BSLK is best of all. Look who is ready for kindergarten!"

A little aluminum foil makes this board a perfect reflection of exciting things to come.

Source: Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

93. Things to Re-meme-ber

Things to Re-Meme-Ber featuring popular internet memes

“I did this one last year with different memes.” —Melanie K. All you need is a printer!

94. Emojin the Possibilities

Emojin the Possibilities bulletin board with various emojis

Emojis and a pun at the same time! Thanks, Jane S.

95. The Road to College

The Road to College Begins Today bulletin board

This is a great middle or high school message, made by Jen D.

We’d love to hear your back-to-school bulletin board ideas as well! Come share your photos in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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