Word of the Day: vanquish

The term vanquish has appeared in 34 articles on NYTimes.com in the earlier 12 months, like on April 7 in “‘Big John,’ a Large-Profile Triceratops, Locked Horns With Its Individual Form, Analyze Suggests” by Jack Tamisiea:

Thanks to spectacular museum shows, several of us can imagine a Triceratops wielding its horns and sprawling neck frill to ward off a hungry Tyrannosaurus rex. But some researchers imagine that Triceratopses made use of their lethal headgear towards each and every other, as well. Like dueling elk brandishing their antlers, Triceratopses may well have interlocked their horns to woo mates or vanquish rivals.

Though experts have very long speculated about such actions, conclusive evidence of these clashes has proved elusive. But in a analyze printed Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports, a group of Italian experts describe what they imagine is a gaping scar from a single of these ancient battles on the neck frill of a significant-profile Triceratops identified as “Big John.”

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