In order to apply for the USAFIS Visa or Green Card Lottery you must meet certain requirements. Some of those requirements are listed below. If you qualify for the Visa, you can live and work in the US with your family for as long as you want. To find out if you qualify please read the details below.

Work and Education Requirements

To apply you must submit your application online. Applicants must have proof of their education and work history. You will need a high-school diploma or equivalency. This is defined in America as a successful achievement of a one-year course of either elementary or secondary education.

If you do not have proof of your education, you will need to show proof of at least two-years of employment history within the previous five years. Your job history must include proof that you have at least two-year experience or training in that field.

The United States Department of Labor defines the work history requirement, which is in the O’Net online database. This database is used to determine your qualifications. If you were born in one of the listed countries, you may qualify for the green card lottery. If you have parents that were not eligible for the green card lottery, as long as you are a native of that country, you may be eligible fore the green card visa.

If either of your parents were born in that country or lived in that country at the time of your birth, you may claim nativity under one of your parent’s country of birth as long as one of your parents are eligible to apply for the green card lottery.

If you are eligible to win the lottery, you will be joining 50,000 other families in the American Official-United States Government program for a chance to live and work in America. The process of applying online is easy. Someone at the web site can assist you if you have any questions or problems. If you are married, you double the chances of winning the visa. According to national reports online, one of 70 participants will win the US Green Card.

Before you win however, you must apply online. Now is the time to apply, since the US Government is accepting applications at the USAFIS site and the United States web site. To find out more about eligibility and applying for the USAFIS Visa visit the Internet today.

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