Peace – The Human Nature

Peace an utopia?

All over the world, People complain that there is no peace in their life. People are searching for peace, at temples, churches, in prayer, worship and in many more things.

If you attend a christian Mass, you hear that the Priest wishing, raising his hands ‘be peace with you’ and the congregation replies, ‘With you also.’

They also exchange each other ‘a sign of peace’ through touching hands. The mass ends with a blessing by the priest, ‘go home with peace, the mass is ended.

This explains that peace is the predominant theme there. People have come to the mass in the expectation to receive peace from the church. But they cannot.

Peace is non-transferable.

It is a poor situation described above. Because peace cannot be transferred from one to the other. A husband cannot transfer his peace to the wife. Parents cannot transfer their peace to their children. What the priest could transfer among the congregation is only his wish and not the peace. So the people, receive only a pseudo relief.

The source of rest.

The source of peace is in-built in everybody. Peace or no peace is an individual status. Peace needs an inner growth in people. They need to get a capacity to control their mind. It is a fact that peace is the original status of people, but it is destroyed by their mind. The restless mind is only destroying the natural status of people.

People cannot buy peace of mind with money

People could get anything with their power and money except peace. People cannot buy or exchange the wealth of peace. Peace is the only wealth that cannot be traded or exchanged. This is the treasure that God keeps with it. The key is given to people themselves. But they are ignorant of it. They do prayer, worship, read holy texts, or hear music to get peace.

All such mental exercises do only a placebo effect in making the restless mind calm. Here both the victim and the Actor become the same mind. It could bring only a pseudo-relief for the time being. The next moment, the mind becomes restless.

Mind is the problem

It is the mind that destroys the peace in people. In order to enjoy peace, people need to understand the mind. Normally it is not easy to understand the mind. That is why people go to some psychologist or psychiatrist who give some advices and guidelines. Still the dilemma is there. How could a restless mind educate itself with some external advice?The specialist could give only some advice not peace.

The yoga way to peace.

Yoga is the ancient Indian spiritual wisdom to realize one`s self. It is the way to the real nature of people- Peace. Realizing them self,people reach at peace.

What is peace?

Peace is the state of the being. Human beings never try to enter the being. There is a reason for that.

Normally, people live, mind oriented. It is a perversion,that people understand as natural. People are expected to live consciousness oriented. Then they live naturally and virtue-driven. Becuase consciousness is the source of peace and all virtues.

Consciousness is the divine centre in people,where God resides. Yoga is a way to develop the consciousness in people. When the consciousness develops in people, the mind subsides naturally. The result is peace and tranquility in people.

When people get more and more education,their minds become more and more cunning. More cunningness means, more material wealth and less and less peace and happiness.

There is no shortcut for peace.

It is a growth from within. When people find out who they are, they will be amazed to see what all blunders they did searching for peace.

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