Tree, a Wonderful Creation of Nature

A tree is a perennial plant that could grow up to a height of 379 feet. When there is sunlight they tower over the other plants. Normally, they have broad leaves and sturdy trunks that are often used for timber. They have been there on earth for the past 370 million years. They are so versatile that they grow in areas spanning from the arctic to the equator.

Trees are important creations of nature. They provide shelter and food. Also, they store vast amounts of carbon dioxide in their tissues. Rain-forests help various trees and creatures to live and grow together. On their leaves, trunks, under the barks and branches various other living beings live. Therefore, trees are of very high value when it comes to bio diversity.

Most often, trees are also of economic value. Their fruits are valuable as food for humans and animals. The timber is used for making furniture and structures for houses etc. However, clearing of forests for cultivation purposes and for obtaining timber is not favorable for environment. Absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen is one of the most important functions of trees. In the process they make food. Due to all these reasons trees are sacred to some societies.

The root system of a tree is the one that holds the tree steadily anchored to the soil. At the same time it absorbs water and the nutrients from soil. The taproot is the one that goes into the soil vertically. The lateral roots that branch off from it go in a horizontal direction in search of water and nutrients. The roots have root hairs with which they absorb nutrients.

The trunk of a tree is the one that allows it to stand above the others in order to get sunlight to fall on its leaves. It also does the secondary purpose of transporting water and nutrients to the upper parts. The outermost layer of the trunk is the bark that is made of dead cells. Its purpose is to provide protection to the inner layers of the trunk.

The middle portion of the trunk is called the xylem that transports water and nutrients to the leaves of a tree. The chlorophyll found in the leaves use these nutrients and the energy supplied by sunlight to synthesize carbohydrates which are the food for other areas. This food is transported through the phloem. Phloem is the layer in the trunk that is there between the bark and the xylem.

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