Adult Education News For 2024

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If you work in the adult education sector, keeping on top of current news is one of the best ways that you can stay informed and know that you’re on the right track. Adult education news changes all of the time, and it’s essential that you keep on top of the news to be able to do your best work. Here are 4 of the things that you need to be on the lookout for in 2024, and will help you prepare and plan for the year ahead. Adult education is tough, so make sure that you are prepared for all of the coming changes. 

Grandfather Rights Ending

Knowing about changes in the law surrounding adult education is vital when it comes to adequately preparing for your yearly plan. One of the main law changes when it comes to adult education is the fact that Grandfather Rights are ending – which means that many workers will now need official qualifications to become accredited to do their jobs, as opposed to being observed. CSCS cards are set to be one of the biggest adult education systems affected by this, as construction workers in the UK will now need NVQs to get their gold or blue CSCS card

More Government Funding

One of the best things to know about when it comes to preparing for adult education in 2024 is the amount of government funding that you may be entitled to. Governments all over the world are putting a lot of money into closing the adult skills gap and getting people trained to do the jobs that are needed in the economy. For example, many workers in the UK are able to get free construction NVQs and more, to be able to develop their career and get more work in their chosen industry. Make sure that you’re looking at government funding in your area to ensure that you’re making the most of these schemes.

More Support For Learners

In recent years, more awareness has been spread for learners who need additional support in passing exams. Everyone’s brain is different, and we should all be able to access careers training without barriers. Going into 2024, it’s important for people working in the adult education sector to educate themselves about what appropriate reasonable adjustments are and how they can help learners access them. It is essential that all learners have access to reasonable adjustments if they need them, so that education can be more accessible. 

Development of Green Skills 

The push for sustainability has affected many sectors, including the economy – but it will also impact education. The push for green living means that the creation of thousands of green jobs will happen in the next couple of years, and the workforce needs to be ready to provide the skills needed. Ensuring that there are enough people trained to do green jobs means that retrofit qualifications and green training will become really popular, so it’s important that you’re making adult learners aware of green job possibilities. Preparing the economy for the arrival of green jobs onto the world stage should be considered a crucial job in the adult education sector – make sure that you’re ahead of the game. 

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