The Happiest Moment in Your Life Journey?

School days should be a happy time in a young person’s life. What can make people’s lives a misery during this time, then? In my opinion, there is one word which answers this question – bullying.

Unfortunately, bullying is quite common in schools where I live. It can affect students of any age, and both boys and girls. A friend of mine had a very negative experience at school last year as an older boy continually called him names and sometimes used to post nasty messages about him on Facebook. Obviously, my friend felt very upset about this and it affected his self-confidence. Some days, he didn’t want to come to school at all.

What can people do to stop this problem? Personally, I think teachers need to be aware that bullying may be happening in their classes and be very strict when they have a case of bullying. Another thing teacher could do is prepare lessons to talk about the problem with their pupils, which might make bullies realize how badly they hurt their victims. As for students, if they find out a classmate is being bullied, they should support them as much as possible and let a teacher know.

There are many students who call other students names, or others that try to put somebody in conflict. They find it like a game, but they don’t know how that have effected in the psychology or self-confidence. I think that teachers should be very strict with this problem and should try to solve the problem and inform the parents of both bullied and bully’s students. However, even we should do something to make the bullied to feel better. We can stay with them and help them to pass these difficult situations. If we all were against the bullying, then I think the bullies wouldn’t repeat this behavior. Bullying is a nightmare, as is written in the end of the magazine, so we should get up immediately. (in a figurative way)

Online bullying has a lot in common with bullying in school. Both behaviors include harassment, humiliation, teasing and aggression. Bullying presents unique challenges in the sense that the perpetrator can attempt to be anonymous, and attacks can happen at any time of day or night.

Bullying can be a nightmare but there are things we can do to prevent it. Hopefully, one day all students will be able to go to school without fear of being bullied.

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