The Craft of Venetian Mask Manufacturing for the Italian Festival of Carnival – Learn Something Interesting

Masks have been element of Venetian lifestyle due to the fact at least the 12th century A.D. as it was in 1162 that the initial Carnival pageant occured, a city broad celebration which marks the period of time prior to Lent. Up until finally 500 many years ago, vintage Venetian masks had been produced of papier-mâché, a medium that some Venetian mask artists still employ through the present day day. Strips of papier-mâché are laid into a mould designed of resin and layer by layer they are lined in glue. All elements are designed to be non-harmful. When a mask is complete, artisans use scalpel blades to minimize out the eyes and any rough items remaining (e.g. edges and many others.). When a mask dries, it is embellished with beautiful colors and artwork (e.g. floral preparations and so forth.). This is frequently performed freehand with a pencil. Masks are then painted applying beautifully ornate hues (e.g. blue, crimson, yellow and so forth.) and concluded by incorporating accoutrements (e.g. 24 karat gold leaf and so on.). The craft was just about dropped when Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Venice, Italy in 1797 and banned Carnival and Carnival masks as he believed the event could spark rebel. Benito Mussolini banned the celebrations after again in the 1930’s. Until finally the late 1970’s, Carnival was a mainly forgotten relic but it has given that noticed a resurgence within just well-known culture

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