Old School Skateboards – New Vs Modern Skateboarding Gear

An old school skateboard is very different from the skateboards of today.

Old school skateboards normally refer to skateboards that were popular and used in the past and are not commonly used today. They are sometimes referred as classic skate boards. The term “Old school skateboards” is usually used to refer to any skateboard that dates back to the 1980’s. However, skateboards can be dated as far back as the 1930’s and 40’s.

People are not sure how the first skateboard came about, some argue that the first skateboard was formed when kids with soapboxes from soapbox races would break the soapbox and were just left with the bottom flat board and wheels. Others argue that surfers created the first skateboard by attaching the wheels of roller skates to a piece of flat board in order to ride something when they were not able to surf.

Even though most of the times we refer to old school skateboards as the ones made in the 80’s, remember although there are no definitive origins of where skateboards became popular or where they originated they definitely existed well before the 80’s. Whether it be the 80’s or the 30’s, still there are many differences between the old skateboards and the modern skateboards that kids ride today.

First, the appearances of old school skateboards are very different than the skateboards preferred today. They were less concave. Aerial maneuvers on these skateboards were nearly impossible and required a little bit of ingenuity to get this skill.

Old school skateboards had a small nose and a very large unusually square and flat shaped tail. Unlike old school skate boards, modern skate boards feature a dramatic improvement for aerial maneuvers, they have a large nose and they are slightly larger and wider at the tail than their counterparts. The decks and trucks are narrow and the wheels smaller. This is to improve the ability to Ollie and other skateboarding tricks that they are based on.

Though they are still these types of skateboards in circulation today there numbers have reduced dramatically as companies make skateboards that are market targeted. These skateboards were or are the foundation of better and improved skate boards. The trucks and the wheels have been improved as well as better materials been used in making strong light decks.

The main thing to remember here is that, without old school skate boards they will probably be no modern skate boards.

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