Why There Is Conflict Between Science and Climate Change Sceptics?

Climate change sceptics pick on science as their reason for denying it exists. When challenged they usually refer back to historic records as being the indicator that the planet goes through such periods and then recovers. While that has been the case several times over what they fail to understand is that those records are known because of the disciplines that collectively gather the information about which they dispute.

Science about observations of, experiments with, and pulling things apart in order to understand them. If one doesn’t have a recipe for something and seeks to discover how and from what it is made the way it will usually involve experiment with similar products.

The problem people have understanding science is that they have no comprehension of its working or deliverance. Mostly they may be poorly educated or simply cannot grasp the fundamentals of it.

Over the last two to three millennium there have been many great discoveries leading to ever more understanding of our planet and how nature works. In turn, the same has led to things like development of electricity, the telephone, steam power, and ultimately the Internet, mobile phones, and things now taken for granted.

Each and every one of them came about because of science. Interspace exploration and satellites, aircraft, modern ships, farming practices, quality produce, and so on, are all the result of scientific knowledge and understanding.

Now we have climate change. Those who can comprehend the basics of science appreciate that carbon is responsible. It is in the atmosphere because of fossil fuels that are used to sustain modern life-styles and jobs. In other words, it is manmade folly that is killing us. It is also a fulfillment of the prophecy that “man will invent and invent to his own destruction.”

While we enjoy these advances and can now have whatever we need, including artificial intelligent (Ai) to help us think, the more we stop thinking for ourselves the deadlier the earth becomes. It is now toxic to life and every day that passes it becomes more so.

Is there an answer to man’s dilemma? Can scientists save the planet? The short answer is no. If several people in a room are given a pack of fiddle sticks between them and told to place them in a pile without moving others in that pile, how successful could they be. That is what is happening today. Most want a clean planet but they pollute and increase its toxicity by constantly moving other sticks in the pile. Therein lies the conflict.

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