Which is Better For Relief of Gout Pain, Hot Or Cold Soaking?

When it comes to pain, there are always 2 ways to help relief the pain, ice bag or warm tower. Somehow, the cold treatment is a more commonly used solution to numb the nerves so that the signals of the pain cannot reach the brain, temporarily.

In the case of gout pain, because the infected area (usually big toe) is like burning on fire, most patients will soak the whole foot into a bucket full of freezing cold ices. That will immediately numb all the nerves in the foot, he cannot even feel the existence of the feet, not to mention the grueling pain at the swollen toe.

This may sound like a good fix for the intense pain, but the fact is that cold treatment will only make the condition worse in the long run. This is a method that kills the symptoms but worsen the root cause of gout.

Gout is a direct result of accumulation of too much uric acid in the body and the population of gout patients is growing worldwide at alarming rate. This is because of our modern stressful lifestyle that is full of acidic diet and habits. Smoking, soft drinks, instant food, synthetic food additives, fast food, are all acidifying agents that actively pump acids into the bloodstream.

Bear in mind that our blood pH must always maintain at mild alkalinity which is at the pH value between 7.3 and 7.4. All those acidic food is turning our blood into an acid dumping site. In order to counter the acidity and return the alkalinity of the blood, those acids will be forced out from the bloodstream and enter the interstitial fluids and a portion of it will seep into the synovial fluids in the joints.

When the concentration of uric acid in the synovial goes beyond the saturation level, they will crystallize and forms urate crystals that triggers the immune reaction which result in inflammation, burning sensation and pain, intense pain! Gout attack!

Still remember salt crystal formation experiment during high school science? One of the variables that we need to find out is the rate of crystallization at different temperatures. The answer is that crystallization happens faster and larger crystal stones are formed at lower temperature. On the contrary, the formed salt crystals will slowly dilute away as the temperature goes up.

If you want more urate crystals form in your joints or interstitial fluid of muscles, then continue on with your favorite cold ice soaking. But if you want to speed up the excretion of urate crystals, then soak your feet in the warm water as often as you can, even at times when you are not suffering from gout attack. Warm water will increase the blood circulation and excretion of toxins through the moving blood.

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