West Wind by Mary Oliver – Awesome Poems Regarding God’s Natural Creation and Nature

This is a wonderful book with a special and unique style of poetry. This is the 4th book written by Mary Oliver I have enjoyed reading. The first part of the book starts with the poem, “Seven White Butterflies,” which is just so wonderful. One is able to see the beautiful images of the butterflies doing what they do best as illustrated by Oliver.

The series of “Three Songs” is very inspiring and will uplift the mind while reading. If in a singing mood, the words in these pieces will have you humming the notes to a melody while reading. These are marvelous pieces to sooth the soul.
The book is divided into three parts. Each parts has a blend of excellent poems for relaxation and enhancing the mind poetically. Part two consists mostly of prose poetry with a variety of blends and potent images. One of the poems in part two relates to a cricket. One is able to follow the theme flowing through this piece in an enjoyable manner without missing a beat in the lines.
Part three is also phenomenal! The words in “Have You Ever Tried to Enter the Long Black Branches” is equally uplifting and inspiring. This piece will stretch the imagination to think while reading. The poetic architecture use by Oliver gives each poem and different view, which is pleasing for the eye as one reads the lines. Mary Oliver has certainly given us an inspiring foresight into God’s nature. Her love of natural surrounding and the open air has provided many golden nuggets in this book. This is a wonderful poetry book to read for the soothing of the mind, body and soul.
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