Viral video shows easy science experiments for students to try at home

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Viral DIY Science Experiments for Kids | Viral Video

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Viral: Do it Yourself, DIY Science Experiments for Kids are something that school-going children often look forward to. Be it their cool nature or the excitement of being backyard scientists, such easy science experiments are fun for all. A viral video on Twitter has shown such easy science experiments that every student, regardless of the age, can try at home.

DIY Science Experiments are fun, common, and tend to involve everyone around, once someone starts performing them. Such is this viral vide on Twitter shared by a user ‘Tansu YEĞEN.’ The viral video which is 3 minutes 05 seconds long, shows very simple and easy experiments that are surely meant for every student.

The viral video’s caption on Twitter reads, “Simple science experiments you can do at home – children will love them…”

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The viral video on DIY Science Experiments has so far received nearly 6.4M views, 52.5k Retweets and over 274.9k likes. One might also think that apart from fun, the increased focus on STEM learning has also made people interested in such small fun experiments.

Most of the DIY Science Experiments for kids in the viral video use basic household items like a water bottle, candle, matchsticks, ice, ring, glass and so on. In case someone doesn’t have any particular object at their place, they can always try another experiment for some fun time and science lessons.