The Five Health Benefits of Communing With Nature

The digital world has a lot of benefits. However, it has also caused a lot of health problems for us in that we are not meant to be alone in front of machines not interacting with others or nature. Instead, we are meant to be outside without our digital gadgets.

One of the most gratifying benefits of nature is that it builds strong relationships both with nature and others. Therefore, by spending time in nature, we can be stronger and healthier.

Here are some benefits to communing with nature.

1. You will be happier and feel more connected to nature. You will breathe the fresh air around you and experience the tranquility that is inherent in nature.

2. You will get some exercise and finally remove yourself from all the distractions that warp your attention and fragment your mind.

3. You will spend time with family and friends-something that the digital media cannot give you. Face-to-face contact cannot be replaced and is needed for us to feel happy and fulfilled.

4. You will feel free and more connected to nature. When you walk in the woods or just in a park that is quiet, you can sense all of nature around you-the birds in the trees and above you, the water waves along the shore line, the sun on your face and body, and any other sounds in nature. By listening carefully to these sounds, you will feel one with nature. This feeling can help you feel healthier and not alone.

5. You will reduce social isolation. Digital media has reduced our time with other people and with nature. This form of isolation can be very detrimental to our health and overall well-being.

Thus, it is important to get out for a walk at least once a day. However, be sure to keep exercise and going for a walk in nature separate so that you can slow down and really listen to the sounds around you and feel the ground beneath your feet. This is the best form of walking.

If you are walking with your spouse and family, try to encourage silence for part of your walk so that you can feel more connected to nature. But then have times when you can talk to each other. There is something about talking to your spouse in the midst of a luscious green canopy around you with the water in the background.

So, get out for a walk and enjoy nature. The benefits are immense and you will be healthier as a result as well.

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