The Big Question: How to Catalyze and Connect Conscious Evolution & Education?

Conscious evolution is emerging in our generation because humanity has gained the powers of co-destruction of our world or the co-creation of immeasurable futures. Made famous by Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of the book “Conscious Evolution,” it is a concept that states that amidst the challenge of today’s current societal issues, there is a call for fresh, creative reimagining. 

To envision new possibilities and to hold to an essential spiritual element and its ethical guidance in our evolution. For many, this is akin to a Great Awakening. This new worldview arises from three new conditions: the new cosmology, the new crises, and our new capacities, leading toward a macro shift. The Foundation for Conscious Evolution is formed to discover and offer a new developmental path to the next stage of human evolution.

Jill Bittinger is among many educators who are prompted to explore their unique role in this unique and vital call for positive personal influence. Jill has devoted herself to the importance of educating the whole child; education that involves body, mind, emotions, and Spirit. Her academic background in Psychology and work with Traumatic brain-injured clientele set the stage to understand the reason and importance of invisible, often unconscious, influences on behaviors. Bittinger’s shift to Modern Dance Education provided the bridge for understanding the essential mind/body connection and investigating the natural next step in the human journey, the soulful self within. Jill believes the union of the three is at the heart of the awakening and purposeful evolution. 

Jill focused on the Mind/Body relationship by obtaining her Masters in Dance Education from UCLA. This was followed by her 10 years as a Multicultural Teaching and Performing Artist in the New York area. She then moved to Arizona and pursued a Teaching Career as an early childhood and Elementary teacher. The Montessori path served as the unique pathway to embracing the whole child philosophy in a classroom that cultivated the child’s inner Spirit. After 15 years as a Montessori teacher, Jill is now a published author of the books available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles:

● Teaching with the Soul in Mind: Connecting Content, Community and the Creative Spirit

● Peace Education: Our Time is Now.

These books can be found on her main website: She is also hosting Educational Summits available through:  

Influenced by Leading edge thinkers, Jill Dianne serves as an active change agent embracing pathways of conscious evolution in the student/teacher/family journey. She acknowledges the leading thinkers and influencers her work is affected. Influencers like Sir Ken Robinson, founders of Heart Math Institute, H20 for Life, and The Soul Shoppe. Also, Sharron Rose, Jean Houston, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Theresa Bullard, Gary Zukov, Gaia TV, and many others call for a new way based on new understanding. 

Jill says Barbara Marx Hubbard’s work led her to the concept of Conscious Evolution. The notion that we are actively participating in our planetary awakening as science and spirituality integrate through ideas of the quantum field and the hard science that backs up heart/brain coherence.

Maria Montessori, the educational pioneer that paved the way to open up academic thinking over 100 years ago, first popularized the notion of teaching to the Spirit of the child, recognizing that each one comes with unique talents and aptitudes. She also popularized Peace Education and Cosmic Education; two pathways Jill carries the torch for as it applies to the 21st Century. These concepts are embedded in the notion that we are awakening to our inherent interconnection with one another and the planet itself.

Jill is a catalyst of connection for conscious evolution in education. As she empowers educators and gathers them in summits as “The Catalytic Collective of Empowered Educators.” Jill preaches that we need to change the world with intention, the science and wisdom of the heart, and – conscious evolution. This stance embraces the philosophy of cooperation over competition. The garden of our being rather than a competitive jungle of survival of the fittest. Is it not worth a try? Jill believes it is and is engaged in a growing cooperative community of like minds. 

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