Science Proves Creation According to the Genesis Record

First, I will bring to the forefront a law which determines that sound produces light and matter. This law is found in a process called sonoluminescence. This is a process where water contained in a spherical flask is caused to effervesce or bubble up. A loud high frequency sound is then sent into the bubble causing the bubble to expand and collapse 30,000 times in one second. Meanwhile, the bubble heats up to a temperature that is nearly as hot as the corona of the sun. The bubble walls then collapse shrinking it to less than a hundredth of its original size in about 15 microseconds. Then, as the bubble nears its minimum size, it emits a bright flash of light. We see by this simple exercise that light is created by sound being forced through water bubbles. This is recreated in science laboratories and confirmed by a variety of scientific studies such as Sympathetic Vibration Physics and others; it is not theory, it is law.

We know by the testimony of Genesis 1:2-3 that the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, then God spoke “Let there be light.” We conclude here that the Genesis record is a similar process as the sonoluminescence experiment. The sound of His voice, forced into the waters, caused a universe sized sonoluminescence (light). We can’t say this is precisely how God created light; all we can say is that the Genesis record fits the sonoluminescence experiment perfectly. Or better yet, sonoluminescence is an earthly model of creation 101. Anything that is proven to be true, can be, and has always been, duplicated in a laboratory. And what Genesis describes as creation has been recreated in laboratories everywhere; like children playing in a sand box pretending to be builders.

In recent experiments, Kenneth Suslick and Daniel Flannigan of the University of Illinois found evidence of plasma in collapsing bubbles. Physics major Christopher Peterson also says this about sonoluminescence, “Light, as in photons is emitted from this bubble of air (now plasma) that is under contraction… The pressures are as high as 200Mbar (1Mbar = 10^11 Pa) in the core of the imploding bubble. This pressure is equal to 1.974*10^8 or 19,743,336 atm (atmospheres). One atmosphere is the amount of pressure that we live in at sea level.” A single bubble sonoluminescence event that we perform in a laboratory creates heat, light and a pressurized atmosphere!

Scientist Samuel Hunt suggests that the universe is a giant ball of plasma, just like the atmosphere of the sun which the planets rotate in, and just like the atmosphere of the earth in which it rotates. He says “The experimental proofs of these ideas are endless.” How much closer to understanding creation can we get than duplicating it in a flask? What we are saying here is that the bubble in the experiment is the beginning of a type of universe. Sound, forced through water bubbles, creates heat, light, and a plasma filled pressurized atmosphere; and all in a tiny bubble. The universe is a God sized bubble. The thing we can’t do is to cause that light to become stars, planets, and people. I think it is sufficient to leave that work to God.

Let’s consider what we learned through Steven Weinberg. While describing the intense heat at the point of the “Big Bang” explosion (God’s voice) where the temperature rose to a hundred thousand million degrees Centigrade; he said “this is much hotter than in the center of even the hottest star.” If bubbles in a science lab reach temperatures nearly as hot as the corona of the sun, how much heat would be generated when you “God size” the sonoluminescence experiment? The waters described in Genesis have a little more mass than a flask of water and these waters are a heavenly substance, not common H2O; and of course, God’s voice had a wee bit more juice than an ultrasound machine!

More study circling the Sonoluminescence phenomenon indicates that, if they can get the bubbles to generate enough heat, they would be able to make atoms in the surrounding liquid fuse together; in theory this would produce nuclear fusion! Nuclear fusion would give us the potential for a Big Bang in laboratory proportions! Now God size that, and you would have nuclear fusion powerful enough to create the universe we observe today! God spoke and bang it happened!

God is Light, and by virtue of that fact, light forming in the universe by His command is easily accepted. Only now, we also have sonoluminescence, superstrings, DNA, and a whole universe of scientific study to support the truth that Christian scholars have always known by God’s word, faith, and revelation. Anything that begins to exist must have a cause, and as we are beginning to see, God is the cause. I will publish an article on Superstrings and the celestial song of the universe soon.

The communities of scientific partners have observed these types of things for centuries; they just seem to be unwilling to accept the obvious conclusions. One of their oldest and wisest partners from long ago said “When the solution is simple, God is answering” (Einstein). This article merely describes the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The proofs of creation are overwhelming. The greatest proof is our own existence; intelligent life, made in His image with creative abilities, such as the ability to recreate the Genesis event in our own laboratory sandbox. How much more intelligence did it take to create a universe? God truly is the phenomenal Creator who put the matter to the canvas! Forth coming will be articles on Zero Point Energy, Superstrings, and a host of creation establishing phenomena. Stay tuned!

David Harris

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