Saudi Arabia signs protocol amending, extending scientific, technical cooperation deal with USA

Riyadh – King Abdulaziz City for Science and Know-how (KACST) and the US Embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia right now signed a protocol amending and extending a scientific and technological cooperation arrangement between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United states of america in a way that contributes to increasing the research, enhancement, and innovation sector and knowing the Saudi Vision 2030.

KACST President Dr. Mounir bin Mahmoud El-Desouky and US Chargé d’Affaires Martina Potent represented the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Usa, respectively, in the presence of many officials from the two nations.

The scientific and technological cooperation protocol seeks to greatly enhance the scientific and technological possible in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United states, extend the scope of relations between the scientific and technological communities in the two countries, encourage scientific and technological cooperation in fields of joint advantages for peaceful applications, in addition to allowing an opportunity to exchange concepts, facts, skills and technological approaches.

The 10-calendar year cooperation also contributes to knowing joint objectives in research fields for science and engineering, and supports partnerships between community and personal analysis institutions to include things like all spectra of science, engineering and engineering.