Platonic Fullerene Chemistry and Unformed Atomic Matter

Nanotechnology has given credence to aspects of the Platonic Science for Ethical Ends so that further research into the functioning of the Platonic Ideal Thought Forms is warranted. In particular, the role that the ‘Forms’ play within the evolving molecule of emotion, discovered by Dr Candace Pert in 1972. This is now a human survival issue. Science can only resolve it by examining the natural functioning associated with this molecule, which struggles to guide humanity toward an infinite reality. This process is presently deemed impossible within the erroneous 20th Century scientific world-view.

The ancient Greek warning that evil is a property of potentially destructive unformed matter, capable of emerging from within the atom, is a pragmatic statement that applies directly to modern scientific thinking. We know that this concept was derived from ancient Egyptian mathematics associated with the worship of the Goddess Maat, who was held to prevent the universe from reverting to chaos. The sacred geometrical mathematics relevant to Maat’s mythological or intuitive teachings became the basis of practical political law, during Egypt’s Second Kingdom. Its ethics are echoed in the establishment of moral law applicable to the functioning of such institutions as hospitals and welfare agencies within modern society. Maat’s prevention of the universe from reverting to chaos is directly relevant to our collapsing global economic rationalism, which, if not ethically resolved, can logically lead to global nuclear energy conflict.

Thales and Pythagoras studied political ethics in Egypt, relating it to the mathematical construction of the Nous (Godlike mind) postulated by the philosopher Anaxagoras. Modern democracy was derived from the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy’s attempt to fuse ethics into the original Nous, which failed to associate its initial mathematical logic with the living process. The process of bringing the mathematics to life can now be seen to be an act of observer participancy evolving consciousness. The Science-Artist Chris Degenhardt at the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia, in liaison with its director, Robert Pope, examined over fifteen hundred years of research into defining various philosophical concepts about the nature of unformed matter, concluding that the process echoed the methodology used to place ethics into consciousness, as an act of observer participancy.

Szent-Gyorgyi, the Nobel Laureate in Medicine, stated that human survival depended upon the process of consciousness interacting with what the ancient Egyptians and Greeks referred to as a form of (entropic) chaos The Molecular Biologist, Sir C P Snow, during his famous 1959 Rede Lecture at Cambridge University, stated that this issue must be resolved to avoid the destruction of civilisation.

The Platonic philosophical ‘evil’ was the original state of the universe, an abyss of darkness filled with unformed matter, existing before the ordered universe orchestrated its Music of the Spheres harmonic symphony of life. The Pythagorean inclusion of light into this celestial music, introduced the concept of electromagnetic forces, providing evolutionary guidance through resonance with atomic movement, within the human metabolism. For hundreds of years the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy attempted to fuse ethics into the Nous in order to make it Godlike. Anaxagoras had written that the omni God, who had created our part of the universe, had left it in ‘automatic mode’, to continue the living creative process in other parts of the universe.

From this intuitive mythology the Nous was reconstructed from a sterile lifeless (Godless) mathematical statement into what is now known as a dynamical asymmetrical electromagnetic fractal expression. This expression extends to infinity, in defiance of 20th Century scientific logic. Einstein had classified the original mythical intuitive Nous form representing chaos, as the Premier law of all of science. His mathematical understanding of this was derived from the ancient Babylonian Mystery School’s mathematics, rather than the Egyptian one, which unlike the Einsteinian world-view, taught how to prevent the universe from reverting to chaos. Rather than accepting Einstein’s death sentence upon all life in the universe, we can now link the living process to a geometry extending to infinity.

During the 18th and 19th Centuries, philosophers dealing with the Nous’ fundamental electromagnetic ethic, such as Kant, Oersted, Schelling, Humboldt and others, further developed the mathematics into the presently forbidden pagan infinite biological concepts. Modern encyclopaedias incorrectly tell us that these philosophers greatly influenced 21st Century ethical thought, when in fact, this is probably the first introduction to electromagnetic ethics that the reader has ever encountered.

We know from the first description of the 5th Century BC Nous of Anaxagoras, that its mathematical structure was lifeless. Following centuries of the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy attempting to fuse ethics into the Nous,we can see that it became mathematically alive in the form, recognised today as an aspect of a fractal dynamical energy system. This observer participancy act, designed to prevent the universe from reverting to chaos, is a property of quantum mechanics, in which mind can interact mathematically with the material fabric of reality. Einstein considered that this phenomenon did occur but in doing so obeyed only the laws of physical reality. However, the Platonic spiritual, or holographic forces existed before matter came into existence.

Historically, the efforts to define the ancient evil within physical matter has been attempted by a myriad of philosophers over a period of several thousand years. By changing Einstein’s world-view to one where the properties of physical quantum mechanics entangle with quantum biology, the ancient Wisdom through beauty concepts can be demonstrated to exist. Nano-technological observation of the workings of the molecule of emotion, as it attempts to guide evolution by employing the ancient sacred geometrical dance of life (Buckminster Fuller’s subatomic vibrational jitterbug) is now known to be consistent with the constant asymmetrical protein enfolding within DNA. Western religious arguments replacing pagan intuition forcing Western science to be governed by a fixed chaotic world-view, was a serious mistake.

Einstein’s close colleague, Sir Arthur Eddington, demonstrated the magnitude of this mistake. He referred to Einstein’s Premier law of all the sciences as the Supreme metaphysical law of the entire universe, representing Western culture’s God-Almighty as the ancient Egyptian and Greek God of Chaos. Such a God would have no known mathematical capacity to exist within a formless reality. This particular eternity concept prevented any understanding of the physics and chemistry of ethical scientific reasoning. The popular battle alluded to between Angels and Demons refers to the Knights Templar and Free-masonry’s understanding of the ancient Greek saviour science, being about how to save humanity from the emergence of unformed matter from the physical atom. Their conviction that their Christian Saviour studied at the same Egyptian Mystery School as Pythagoras is well recorded. Such a record is The Secret of all Ages, written by the Master Mason Manly P Hall. President Thomas Jefferson considered that the teaching of their Saviour was superior to the Atomistic theories of the Science of universal love taught at the Greek Ho Kepos University, during the 3rd Century BC. This science existed alongside thePlatonic Science for ethical ends, taught at Plato’s Academy.

All of Western Science is being governed by the physics law that demands the eventual destruction of all life in the universe. Our understanding about the nature of space-time is so limited that we cannot grasp the nature of the technology to travel through space-time within the more profound natural universe outlined by Sir Isaac Newton within his so called Heresy Papers, discovered last century. Without such an understanding, humanity cannot survive the oncoming information singularity. Super computers will thrive upon only chaos information, divorced from any obligation to the Godlike ethical emotions that separate the destiny of humanity from Einstein’s inevitable universal chaotic death. The Goddess Maat’s teachings defied Einstein’s mythological reality. Her mathematics prevented our universe from reverting to chaos. This is a better act of observer participany than to worship the mathematics of the mythical God of universal chaos. Mind and matter has a far more ennobling universal purpose than that.

The above mentioned concern of Sir C P Snow has been echoed by the Electrical Engineer, Professor Wolfgang Weber, who was instrumental for the construction of the European Telefunken communications complex. Along with the support of Florence University’s New Measurement of Humanity Project and the work of the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia, the thrust of this article became the basis of The 21st Century Renaissance. This occurred in 2010 under the auspices of Professor Paolo Manzelli and Professor Massimo Pregnolato, who were awarded the Giorgio Napolitano Medal, on behalf of the Republic of Italy, for their research in quantum biology.

The Italian artist Robert Denti and other colleagues of the 21st Century Renaissance fulfilled Sir C P Snow’s quest to reunite science and art into an international project for the betterment of the global human condition, based upon the Florentine ethical mathematical measure of humanity.

In 1936 the eminent astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev fell victim to one of the bloody purges of Joseph Stalin. He was sentenced to ten years imprisonment during which time he was kept alive to advance Russian engineering. Unable to study advances in mainstream science, Kozyrev still managed to research the science associated with the ancient Greek Nous. After ten years he was again sentenced to yet another decade of imprisonment, but due to the influence of other scientists was restored to participate in Russian scientific research.

His eccentric theories influenced thousands of scientists to later conjecture about such things as life-energy forces acting through space-time and the existence of parallel universes. He was criticised for postulating the existence of such living negentopic technologies, functioning in contradiction to Einstein’s universal heat death law. However, these theories were given credence by the more profound philosophies found last century within Sir Isaac Newton’s Heresy Papers, based upon the physics principles upholding the lost Greek Science for ethical ends.

Today, nanotechnology is demonstrating that, as Kozyrev had claimed, our present obsession with entropic energies, are only suitable for unsustainable primitive technologies belonging to a fossil fuel economy. Ironically, Kozrev’s use of the word torsion, to describe sacred geometrical spiraling (Nous whirling force) energy through the fabric of space-time, had been coined in 1913 by Einstein’s colleague Dr Eli Cartan. Subsequent torsion research had been considered to be a pseudo science until it was found to be compatible to Newton’s unpublished heretical world-view.

It is galling that Western religious contamination of science is now preventing opportunity to research about humanity breaking free from its obsolete entropic yoke. Once free of it, humankind will find itself poised on the threshold of realising the ethical supra electromagnetic technologies that the above mentioned 18th and 19th scientists were searching for ‘to make the electric motor a child’s toy by comparison’.

© Professor Robert Pope,

Advisor to the President Oceania and Australasia of the Institute for Theoretical Physics and Advanced Mathematics (IFM) Einstein-Galilei

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