Oxygen4Energy Overview – How to Create Scalable Success With Oxygen4Energy

Early Days at Oxygen4Energy

Oxygen4Energy was founded by Craig Inaba after an experiment with selling oxygen through e-commerce.

The company provides small canisters of oxygen for all sorts of situations: working out, mountain climbing, stress, altitude, and for “recreational use.” The product development really took off when Inaba met with the man who pioneered paintball – Jeffrey Perlmutter. Together, they merged and chose to undertake a network marketing program for their lightweight oxygen canisters.

Their first product is meant to provide about 50 shots, or breaths, of supplemental oxygen. The ingredients are all pure oxygen, except for 5% nitrogen and ambient air. Manufacturing is all in the USA, with certified contents.

Shipping is only available in the United States.

The Initial Investment

Oxygen4Energy claims that with a $100 investment, anyone can get into the oxygen business. Resellers receive up to 49% off of retail price for products. Direct commissions can run up to 20% on referral websites, and, as with other MLM’s, building your team is important.

For distributors, a 3-pack of “truO2” costs about $30, with a nearly-$6 profit on that 3-pack.

The basic premise of the program is that resellers will join with friends and family to create their own network of clients and team members. But how well does this opportunity stack up considering the traditional network marketing methods proposed by this company?

The Downside of Oxygen4Energy

Network marketing generally relies on the premise that a representative’s “network” will consists mainly of friends, family, and the local community. Representatives are encouraged to follow this old-school model of network marketing. In reality, the model is quite outdated, and especially with a product like oxygen canisters, new techniques should be applied to get the most exposure, increase downlines, and find targeted groups of customers.

The internet is, of course, the greatest tool for network marketers today. By creating credible websites with optimized search engine fronts, entire communities can be established to benefit the whole network.

But creating this type of network requires a fair bit of knowledge about the industry, current marketing techniques, and general business skills.

Many people jump into opportunities like Oxygen4Energy without developing a strong skill-set first. It’s necessary to plan success and learn the tools of network marketing, and how to implement them. Without this knowledge base first, a representative may find him or herself relying on the old family and friends model.

Scalable success is possible, but only by using current business models alongside quality and sellable products.

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