Navy supports disaster education by holding training program

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Navy supports the sustainable catastrophe education and learning program in each and every normal disaster-vulnerable region, as directed by President Joko Widodo at the 2022 Disaster Mitigation National Coordination Meeting, by keeping a teaching program.

In accordance to Head of the Maritime Probable Support of the Indonesian Navy, Commodore Suradi Agung Slamet, listed here on Thursday, the education method is routinely applied by the Navy on an annual foundation.

Slamet noted that the Maritime Prospective Support prioritizes disaster-susceptible spots for the software.

He explained that the exercise aims to make people today mindful of honing their very own skills, preparedness, vigilance, and responsiveness to catastrophe events by promptly planning tools, saving themselves from the possibility of violent disasters, as very well as facing natural disasters, these kinds of as earthquakes and tsunamis in coastal regions.

The Navy viewed that the people’s knowing of disaster threats is continue to lower and disaster-conscious behaviors are nonetheless not applied in their day-to-day lives, according to Slamet.

Therefore, this make a difference became a trigger for issue for the Navy, as an work to know the aim of empowering the sea protection region in line with the viewpoint of the people’s interests.

In addition, Commodore Slamet expressed hope that the coaching method would provide an being familiar with to the neighborhood about the initial techniques they ought to get when a disaster happens, with this anticipatory action from catastrophe anticipated to cut down the amount of casualties.

Slamet elaborated that the elements taught in the instruction comprised understanding on earthquake and tsunami early warning techniques, handling of victims of earthquake and tsunami, a catastrophe emergency handling command system, and a system for dealing with vulnerable groups.

Moreover, the material covered folks with disabilities and evacuees, dealing with livestock in earthquake- and tsunami-vulnerable places, disaster preparedness management, and strategies for self-evaluation.

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