Nature Has Not Allowed for Transgender Status

Much is in the news today on the subject of transgender status acceptance. Some persons truly feel that their sex gender classification at birth is in error and thus, their status should be reclassified based on their personal desires to be identified as the opposite sex. Yet a study of the established science of human chromosomal inheritance patterns suggest that nature has not allowed for transgender status. Y -DNA and mitochondrial DNA testing is an established science that could be used to confirm gender classifications if one chooses to substantiate their personal feelings.

Testing the Y chromosome allows for investigation into a male’s paternal family line and can help identify those Y chromosome that is similar to yours, and ancient migration routes your paternal ancestors may have taken. Each male’s Y-DNA test results are compared to other males’ results to find out their most recent common ancestor (MRCA) in their direct patrilineal lines. While females can’t be Y-DNA tested, you can have your brother, father, paternal grandfather, paternal uncle or paternal uncle’s son (your cousin) take a test for you.

What is mitochondrial DNA? That’s the DNA that is exclusive to the mitochondria and different from the nuclear DNA. The nuclear DNA is the DNA found in the nucleus of normal human cells. In human sexual reproduction, mitochondrial DNA is inherited exclusively from the female and passed on to both the male and the female. Science has shown that during sexual reproduction the male mtDNA gets destroyed right after the sperm fuses with an egg. The fertilized egg has a copy of both the mother and fathers nuclear DNA but does not have a copy of the father’s mtDNA. Thus, only females can pass mtDNA on to the next generation.

So if one’s DNA analysis proves that they have only female mtDNA and not male mtDNA then that person can be classified by gender as a female. Likewise if DNA analysis shows that you have both male mtDNA and female mtDNA then the person should correctly be classified as a male.

In the human organism for the procreation of the species gender classification is based on the genetics of the human (male and female) and nature has not provided for any known unique genetic markings and coding that will accommodate a transgender status in spite of personal desires and emotional expressions. In past times a person who is born a female by gender would instinctively be socially characterized as a woman. Or a person who was born a male would assume the socially accepted character status of a man.

In an ever-changing cosmopolitan world people are becoming more acceptable to the idea that there should be no indifference to people who have been classified at birth by gender, yet want to be identified with different human social character types. However, it should be made clear that gender classifications are controlled by natural genetic inheritance and that the terms “woman” and “man” are not gender classifications but are socially evolved human character types or roles associated with defined social behaviors. While people are free to take on social character identities types as they choose to do so, this by no means can change their inherited genetic expression of gender, for nature has not made any accommodations for transgender status.

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