Multiple Intelligences – Discipline Strengths and Problems For Nature-Smart Children

Discipline isn’t a huge problem for most nature-smart children. Their behavior probably depends on which other intelligence strengths they rely on. Nature-smart children think in patterns and are usually able to compare and contrast easily.

Nature-smart children usually enjoy collecting things according to shape, design, and texture. There may be times when this becomes a problem. Have you had students who insist on lining up all their crayons in a certain way? Do they organize and reorganize their books and folders? Do they seem to get distracted by the texture of their sweater? Do they prefer pens with a certain texture?
These habits and preferences aren’t necessarily “bad.” They can become a problem when they’re taken to the extreme or they interfere with children’s abilities to concentrate. Perhaps understanding their root in their nature-smart strengths will help you talk with kids about their behavior and your concerns.
Children who are nature smart love to be outside. They may be the students who skip school to go to a lake or a park. They may be the ones who go hunting with dad. They may get dirty during every recess because they dig in dirt and pick up every rock and acorn. Or, they may just be the ones who stare out the window rather than listening to the teacher.
Attention is probably heightened when lessons have to do with animals, rocks, mountains, lakes, planets, and other things of nature. Anytime teachers and parents can help children relate their lessons to nature, you’ll probably have fewer discipline problems.

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