Japanese Paper Cutting Is Therapeutic

Japanese paper cutting is one of those creative arts that virtually anyone can enjoy. It can be as basic or intricate as the creator would like and it’s the type of craft that allows the imagination to run free. Known in Japan as “kirigami”, it’s quickly becoming a lost art in the East, while gaining popularity in the West.

With nothing more than a piece of paper and cutting tool, a kirigami artist can create any number of beautiful images and designs. An art that anyone can enjoy, from children through to adults, there are no limits to what can be made. Perhaps only the skill level would hinder work outcome or progress but that quickly improves with more practice, time and experimentation with cuts and tools.

Therapy for the Body and Mind

Japanese paper cutting is also an art that can be very therapeutic for both the body and the mind. Whether it’s done for fun or as an experiment to see how kirigami benefits the body, it’s certainly worth a try for almost anyone.

Just as many other forms of art like painting and music help people relax and recover from different ailments, kirigami also has a powerful effect on children, teens and adults.

Physical Benefits

Japanese paper cutting can use a variety of cutting tools with scissors and scalpels being the most popular. If someone would like to work on their fine motor skills, these tools are a wonderful choice. Even simple safety scissors work well for children, especially for preschool activities since this is the age fine motor skills need practice and refining.

For adults who require therapy, start off slow with one or two simple kirigami patterns like hearts, clouds or flowers and try to experiment with different kinds of cutting tools to see which ones feel the most comfortable to use.

For children, especially preschoolers, it’s quite simple to get them interested in kirigami since they generally love to cut various materials with safety scissors. To give them something even more fun, offer a variety of safety scissors that cut different patterns. They are easily found in craft stores for scrapbooking or in the children’s school/craft section.

Mental/Cognitive Benefits

Paper cutting offers an incredible chance to release any thoughts that may be clouding the mind and focus on different creations instead. Sometimes people like to cut out a symbol or image of the things that they love as a way to forget worries and work on the things that make them happy.

This paper craft can be done as quickly or as slowly as needed. No matter what the look or effect that’s desired, this art allows the freedom to work at any pace and versatile to any changes a creator makes along the way.

Once the work is complete, there are several ways to display the work at home, work or as a gift to others. Not only is this therapeutic but it’s also an affordable solution for decor and gift add-ons.

The Japanese art of paper cutting is one that everyone should try at least once in their life. Although it may not seem like a beneficial craft, it may turn out to be one of the best.

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