Insurance Continuing Education Courses & Insurance Coach Advice

Insurance continuing education courses are a key to learning a certain area of product knowledge. Insurance Coach Advice transfers both motivation and selling skills, another essential key. Find out how to obtain the Master Key.

There are currently over 200 insurance continuing educational courses available to agents of all experience levels. The CE course will teach you a brain overload of product information, half or less which may apply to your situation. You can turn out an educated expert of product knowledge and required regulations. Over 90 of these continuing educational courses lead to earning a title designation to proudly display after your name. This signifies that you have product comprehension versus just awareness tidbits on a specialized insurance area. However nice it is to learn, you need to earn. Therefore, while this key will help open doors to prospects, it will not unlock the selling skills earning you an ongoing and rising income.

An Insurance Coach does a superb job of providing sales advice and motivation. Their tips, tricks, hints, and suggestions are presented in a very instructional format. While insurance coach advice can be performed face to face, in a group, or even over the internet, its value has a limitation. If you are smart enough to use the coach’s advice, longer than a week or even a month you see some immediate results. An insurance coach is a sales adviser, and of course needs compensation for the sales methods taught. These include building confidence for attempting to make the most of every sales presentation. The drawback is, a half of a year later you are running into problems where answers were not originally provided. Sure, you can call, but like a lawyer, a sales coach is a professional with professional service fees.

I recently learned more about a few programs implemented by smart insurance marketing organizations. Some seemed to be on their way to providing brokers with the master key. That requires giving product knowledge and selling opportunities so the broker quickly makes sales. Currently these marketers fall short of understanding that their program must keep the insurance broker independent. Their program fails by trying to captivate the independent broker, and provide the marketer with 100% of the business produced. This is not a fair exchange.

THE MASTER KEY Insurance selling agents rapidly realize you can have a ring of keys, but there are many sales situations where you do not have the right key to unlock the sale. What if you grasp the master key without giving up your independence? Does an independent broker want to give up current success to take a chance at playing hangman?

Through internet searching, I ran across a firm that has developed the master key to combining insurance product knowledge with selling skill. By interviewing the owner, I obtained a wealth of information. A lot of this info is highly beneficial to insurance agents. A wise insurance marketing organization could strike a goldmine utilizing this truly unique strategy.

An agent or broker first attends a first-class free seminar, with food, where there is presented an expert outline of benefits. A major concern, discovered by testing has shown the need to invite only the most active semi-independent agents and independent brokers. This is unlike the common marketing routine of attracting any licensed agent to try selling a certain product with a specified carrier.

AGENT MARKETING EXPERT The ultimate benefit is to make the insurance rep a true insurance selling expert. While this is a long-term course, an insurance broker is earning while learning. It is a combination of an insurance continuing education course with the benefits of having an insurance sales coach. Taught is virtually every product knowledge, confidence, and selling skill to keep increasing the agents’ income upward. Using webinars, daily training, live training events, a video trainer and even fellow agent social networking, the talent and competence quickly radiates. Closing health and life insurance sales becomes a pleasure instead of a battle.

PROGRAM MARKETING The owner of this master key course has learned that you can have a superb agenda of agent benefits, but if the independent producers do not hear about them, marketing can be time consuming and costly. Like Insurance Marketing Associations attempting to spark agent attention, many prospecting methods turn into a “get burned and learn” situation. First, the method of obtaining a cheap insurance list and doing random mailing was utilized. Only after thousands of quality letters in an envelope message were already mailed was the program finally halted. The reason being that the amount of mail pieces in this New England State returned for not being deliverable was nearing 40%. What a print, mailing, and postal cost catastrophe! Paying under $100.00 for the list resulted in $2,000 of returned mail fees, plus dismal results.

OTHER MARKETING RESULTS Next the owner tried a telemarketing voice blasting method from an agent list-providing firm. The $1,800 campaign resulted in only three authentic replies. At $600 a response, this is ten times too much. Next internet searching was done to obtain an insurance agent email list. The $2,000 price for this nationwide email blasting was negotiated down to a $1,200 up-front fee. The emails to agents promptly went out and the depressing response was from 5 agents. Mathematically, the calculation equates to $240.00 per a “lead” not necessarily worth. This lead to a deep analysis, determining refinement is the key. Inviting targeted health agents to a seminar requires two ingredients. First is a well-written letter invitation explaining how the agent will benefit. Next is implementing an insurance agent list narrowed down closely to independent health insurance agents and brokers.

This is a success story of a firm giving a worthwhile course that successfully learned how to find the right brokers. Both agents and brokers have a similar need. Finding an insurance company, career firm, or product-marketing firm is easy. Locating one, that is concerned enough about correctly providing the master key is currently very scarce.

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