How to protect your eyes

Health Tips to Help Protect Your Eyes | CooperVision Australia

Protecting your eyes and your eyesight is what can ultimately save them from becoming weaker as you become older. Therefore, if you are concerned about your vision, many helpful reviews on can help you choose which optometrist might be best for you to get your eyes looked at. Additionally, companies such as Low Cost Glasses provide you with prescription-based glasses to help you have better vision.

Disadvantages of starring at a computer screen

When needing to stare at your computer for long periods, one might suffer from some symptoms associated with computer eye strain. Tired and strained eyes might be the first symptom that you suffer from. Furthermore, you could suffer from blurred vision, difficulty focusing, headache, neck pain, and sensitivity to bright lights are all common symptoms. 

How to protect your eyes from a laptop screen

If you find yourself spending large amounts of time staring at a laptop screen, you might notice your eyes feeling strained or red, which is caused by the light from the laptop screen. Hopefully, these tips will help prevent you from experiencing any other symptoms. For example, the 20-20-20 rule is that you take a break every 20 minutes, look away from your laptop and stare at an object for 20 seconds. Additionally, use the brightness settings on your computer; either increasing or decreasing the brightness can allow your eyes not to feel as strained. Lastly, remember to blink. Your eyes start feeling dry because you do not blink as often; therefore, blink continuously. 

How to protect your eyes when reading

Reading or studying for hours can cause your eyes to start feeling drained and tired. Therefore, it is imperative not to read in bad or low lightening, which results in your eyes straining. In addition, it is essential to remember to blink your eyes regularly to avoid them feeling dry. Lastly, if you have been studying for long hours, take breaks in-between. Doing so is suitable for your eyes and resets your brain. 

How to make your eyes stronger 

If you feel your eyes are becoming weaker, you might consider strengthening them. However, if you do not want to purchase eyewear to help your vision, here are some natural ways to improve eyesight. In addition, there are two essential vitamins and antioxidants to incorporate into your meals to better your vision. Vitamin A is crucial in seeing in the dark, and Lutein helps to shield your eyes from any excessive light. Foods that contain both of these products are carrots, kale, spinach, liver, cod liver oil, sweet potato and many more. Furthermore, it is beneficial to maintain a healthy sleeping schedule, reducing puffy and tired eyes. If you feel that you did not get enough rest, simply placing wet tea bags over your eyes will help reduce any discomfort. 

Your eyes and their health plays an essential role in your daily life, and therefore you must take care of them. For example, if you are required to spend many hours looking or studying on your computer screen, then make sure to incorporate some of the tips to help reduce any discomfort you might experience.  Ensuring you are also eating a healthy and balanced diet, ensuring you get enough exercise and maintaining a healthy sleep schedule can also promote healthier eyesight.