Forest dept experiments with recorded langur sounds to scare away monkeys in Meerut | Meerut News

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Monkey menace has risen in the district to the scale that residents find it challenging to step out

MEERUT: In a bid to give a sigh of reduction to the people of Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut from the scare of monkeys, the forest department is experimenting to exploit the animal’s concern of langurs by location up recorded seems of langurs in some places of the district.
Monkey menace has risen in the district to the scale that the citizens uncover it difficult to step out of their homes. Speaking about the difficulties, DFO Rajesh Kumar claimed, “It truly is much more hard in the perception that we do not have any room to shift them. We do not have thick forests right here and even if we depart them in Hastinapur sanctuary, they quickly go to close by villages triggering good destruction. We are no lengthier getting permission from the chief wildlife warden of UP as nicely to shift them to Shivalik variety for the same cause.”
On the initiative, the divisional forest officer, stated, “We are experimenting with the appears of langurs to study how monkeys will react to them. If it becomes prosperous, we can then propose folks to use it to scare them absent.” Previously, the department had experimented with the langur minimize-outs in numerous areas of the district which experienced accomplishment to some extent. “We experienced set up cut-outs in some places of the district, which experienced an affect only to some extent. Later on, we imagined of sprinkling the cut-outs with the urine of langur. It did improve the affect nonetheless, we could not continue on performing that as cleanliness was an problem.”


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