Empathy Leading to a Co-Created Action – George Couros

I have been looking through the e book “Persuasion The Artwork of Influencing People” by James Borg and have been making the most of it.  

This part the place he defines “empathy” and then delivers illustrations resonated:



“Empathy is the ability to recognize and realize the other person’s feeling, thoughts and predicament.”

It’s listening with your heart as effectively as your head. It is the potential to study thoughts in many others. It is getting capable to working experience another person’s point of view. It is the subsequent very best matter to the powers of ESP and looking at minds.

James Borg


As I examine on, in this article is 1 component that struck me in considering about empathy:



Now there are two means that I am contemplating about how I interpret this passage:




1. Is empathy definitely about knowing individuals so, in change, they can also better have an understanding of our issue of see?


2. Is empathy about understanding people so we can discover approaches to persuade them to our level of watch?



This is the place I am struggling.

Way too generally, we imagine about empathy as a way to improved fully grasp what other individuals want and then, in switch, try out to encourage them of our selection for their demands.

It is the thought of, “I take pleasure in you sharing your standpoint, but now I am going to decide for you.”

Of study course, as a mother or father, there are periods when I do my best to realize my youngsters, and I make selections primarily based on what I assume is ideal for them. Maybe that is empathy in some variety.

Empathy is not only about understanding other people but making sure they have company in the options remaining made. 

Empathy ought to not only be about understanding voice but must typically lead to a co-made action ahead.

The most embraced solutions to any difficulty are types in which voice was not only read and understood, but also acted on.





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