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Aggressive pole vaulting is not for the faint of coronary heart. Competition dash down a observe and launch themselves into the air, summoning plenty of velocity to clear a crossbar substantial overhead. For 29-year-old Katharina Bauer, pole vaulting is her life’s passion – or as she claims, “her major enjoy.” It’s not shocking that Katharina’s intention is to acquire her passion all the way to the Olympics.

She wasn’t normally guaranteed that her coronary heart was up to the challenge. As a child, Katharina was identified with a issue that brought on her heart to have a perilously superior amount of beats. A healthier human coronary heart beats about 100,000 times a working day. By the age of seven, she experienced 6,000 added beats daily.i Soon after undergoing her very first heart surgical procedures in 2009, her issue ultimately worsened to 18,000 more beats for every working day, leading to a second coronary heart operation eight yrs afterwards.

Regardless of these difficulties, Katharina ongoing to contend as a specialist pole vaulter and captured a gold medal at the 2018 German Indoor Athletics Championship. At a frequent overall health check out following the function, her physician detected a diverse occasional, but abnormal, heartbeat – a person Katharina acquired can cause ventricular fibrillation and sudden cardiac demise. The up coming working day, she built the decision to get a subcutaneous implantable defibrillator (S-ICD).

In April 2018, she was implanted with the Boston Scientific EMBLEMTM MRI S-ICD Program. The S-ICD program, which features a pulse generator and lead placed just beneath the pores and skin, monitors Katharina’s heart and will deliver an electrical shock if it beats abnormally quick – guarding her from unexpected cardiac arrest. With ongoing clinical supervision, Katharina returned to teaching, and just 6 weeks just after the method, she cleared 4.20 meters at a opposition. In the following yr, she returned to the German Indoor Athletics Championship and received a silver medal.

“I am grateful for each and every day, each individual jump and each coaching. I enjoy that I can stick to my enthusiasm,” she claims. As she trains to qualify for the up coming Summer Olympics and grow to be the 1st Olympian with a defibrillator to contend, Katharina no extended fears for her heart. “I turned it all around,” she tells us. “There is no need to have for concern as long as you experience that fire inside of.”

Security facts for the EMBLEM MRI S-ICD Program is offered right here.

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