Being Comfortable at Your High School Reunion

Whether you’re going to your fifty year, bragging about grandkids and showing off new teeth, or going to your ten year, bragging about degrees received and showing off new cars, high school reunions can be uncomfortable. This is partly because people change, losing touch with those they once copied off of in third period algebra. But, mostly it’s because no matter how old people become, they always seem to somewhat care what their high school peers think of them. This can lead to some uncomfortable times at Ridegement High, or any high school, USA.

But, it’s not impossible to make reunions comfortable. With a little planning, and a little restraint, you may find yourself being as cool as you always remembered.

Don’t Say you Invented Post-its

Exaggeration and reunions seem to go with each other, as if they arrived together in an old beat up Honda but called it a limo. However, exaggeration is risky, especially when the exaggeration is so great that it can be proved false. Few things are more uncomfortable than exaggerating, and getting caught by those you’re trying to impress. If you feel a need to enhance a little, keep it to a minimum; don’t say you are married to someone who looks like Mel Gibson, when you really are married someone who looks like Mel Brooks.

Don’t Have Pre-conceived Notions

We all wonder what happened to the quarterback of the football team, the head cheerleader, the senior class president, and the class oddball who only wore black and skipped around with bagpipes. While we likely have assumptions of what became of whom, don’t be so immersed in who you think people have become that you are unwillingly to see who they really are. People often turn out different than even they think they will and the version of them now can be 180 degrees from what they once were.

Don’t Only Talk to Those You Know

Most of us have a small group of high school friends who we still keep in touch with, even years later. While we’ll see them at the reunion, we’ll also seem them at poker on Saturday night. Instead of spending all your time catching up with those you’ve already caught, reach out to those you haven’t seen in years. Even if you weren’t friends with them in high school, you might find, as adults, you have more commonalities

Don’t Bring up old Beef

Most people had a high school nemesis, that one person with whom they just never got along. While it may have been fine to shun this person in high school, a time when shunning was not only acceptable but highly conducive to social standing, reunions are meant to be peaceful, and full of maturity. A reunion is a time to leave water under the bridge, not a time to open up a flood gate.

High school reunions are ironic. We go to them as adults, with a little bit of that insecure high school kid still in us. We want to impress our former peers, knowing very well that their opinions really mean nothing. But, more than anything, we just want to be comfortable with who we’ve become, and know we aren’t defined by who we were in high school.

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