“3 Idiots” – A Real Life Case Study


The movie ‘3 Idiots’ is totally focused on the current education system and its drawbacks. It has covered the situation of all the participants practically involved in the education system in India i.e. students, colleges, faculties and parents. Thus, this movie is a lesson to all the above parties, which I have analyzed after watching this movie.
Basically, this movie covers the pressure that the students of higher education are facing because of high end expectation from their parents, colleges and faculties. One of the important issues covered in this movie is student’s suicide due to pressure and failure in fulfilling the expectations. As such kind of incidents are not good for the society, country and families.

India is a young country and youths are the trend setters for any nation. It is a matter of concern for all of us and we must look into this issue seriously. This kind of incidents also affects us directly or indirectly as we all are part of this system. Thus, we need to think and bring some dynamic and revolutionary changes in the education system of the country. This movie seems to me like a real life case study about Indian Higher Education System.

The movie enlightens the drawbacks of current education system. As it clearly shows that how students of higher education are forced to perform best in their exams to achieve good marks, which will get them a highly paid jobs in top most companies around the globe. According to current system we teach our youngsters that Life is a race and to be successful you have to run faster and leave others behind. In this race they start using shortcuts and other means to get success just like the character “CHATUR” in the movie.

In this race, everybody in the system misses or skips the importance of knowledge and its practical usability in life and work. The gist of this movie is that instead of running behind degree and marks, we should focus on getting knowledge and developing skills through knowledge. This will develop excellence in students and make them eligible to do their work more effectively and efficiently.

The movie ‘3 Idiots’ also teaches us some lessons which I have classified into following categories

1. Lesson for Students
2. Lesson for Parents
3. Lesson for Faculty
4. Lesson for Colleges

1. Lesson for Students

a. Students should believe in knowledge, as knowledge will develop excellence in them, which will further lead them towards success.

b. They should understand the fact that there is no shortcut to success. The only road to success is hard work and knowledge.

c. Don’t be worried about the result while studying or doing any work. Just believe in your work, as the result depends on your work but not on your worries.

d. While choosing your career, instead of running behind money and glamour, choose that career which interests you more and for which you are more passionate.

e. Always share your thoughts and interests with you parents and try to convince them positively. Do not create pressure on them by doing negative activities if they are not convinced.

f. Study to gain knowledge not just to get a degree. If you will study to get degree you will not get knowledge, but if you will study to gain knowledge you will also get degree along with it.

g. Suicide is not the solution of any problem, but it is running away from the problem.

2. Lesson for Parents

a. Parents should discuss with their children about their interests, aims and objectives.

b. They should not be forced to do what their parents want them to do, instead they should be motivated to choose career of their interest.

c. Parents need to create a friendly environment at home, so that their children should be able to share their ideas and thoughts anytime.

3. Lesson for Faculties

a. Faculties should become mentors to students instead of just being a teacher.

b. Teach the students practical applicability of the theoretical concepts.

c. Try to develop innovation and creativity in students by discussing more and more about cases, situations and concepts.

d. Use student friendly tools and techniques to teach them.

e. Instead of forcing students, motivate them to do things by showing them benefits of it.

4. Lesson for Colleges

a. Colleges need to develop environment which provides knowledge to students.

b. They also need to create healthy competition among students towards attaining knowledge.

c. The overall focus of academic activities in a college should be towards development of creativity and ability in their students.

d. College administration should not force students to adapt system but they should be motivated to do so.

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